Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review – The Best Budget Fitness Tracker 2019

Today, there is an incredibly large number of different fitness trackers in the world. Some of these devices are handy gadgets; however, some of them are only mediocre assistants, and most often have a minimal set of functions. Today we shall take a look at one of the most functional and fashionable fitness trackers, namely Xiaomi mi band 4. The main features of this device are the analysis and statistics of a person’s physical activity during the day, which in turn helps more rationally track the health of a person and also provides a large number of necessary calculations based on the training program.

The very first generation of fitness trackers Xiaomi appeared in 2014. Due to its low price and rather high functionality, this gadget has created a real sensation in the market of fitness trackers all over the world. It is also worth noting that this accessory came to taste not only to lovers of technological innovations but also to people who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. That is why in today’s Xiaomi mi band 4 review, we will talk about all the technological innovations and new functional features for the user.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Release Date & Price

This year, the official presentation of the fitness tracker Xiaomi mi band 4 smart bracelet was held in China on June 11 in the framework of official events by the Xiaomi company. By itself, the presentation was a long-awaited event, as 2018 users understood that the next version of the popular fitness tracker should be a real breakthrough and will receive a significant number of updated functions compared to its predecessor. That is why the design and functional features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 global version were partially announced at the beginning of the year. However, the final version of the design and functions was disclosed directly on the presentation itself.

The novelty became available for sale on June 14 in the Chinese market. One of the central and most pleasant news for users was the fact that the price of a new device was slightly different from the previous version of the tracker, which in turn played a very positive role on the initial sales volume.

xiaomi mi band marvel editionTo date, the basic version of the Mi Smartwatch Band 4 in China is sold in the range of $ 24.5 to $ 33. It is also worth noting that Mi Band 4 price of the bracelet depends on whether it will be with or without the NFC module. In addition, manufacturers have prepared a limited edition series on popular comics from the Marvel company.


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Main Features

It goes without saying that in the new version of the tracker, the creators of the Mi smartwatch band 4 tried to maximally improve all previous functions, design and present a novelty that is a cut above its predecessor. Evaluating the feedback from users and also reflecting on the version of the new device, the creators managed to achieve outstanding results. Now it is worthwhile to dwell on all the Mi band 4 features more detailed.

New Tracker Menu

vertical menu xiaomi mi band 4Like the previous version of the tracker, the menu of the new fitness gadget received a vertical version. In fact, the menu is controlled by a swipe up and down and also has the function of a touch tapping on the screen. If the user needs to return to the previous menu, this can be done with the help of a button on the screen. The main innovation is also the fact that the novelty has a color AMOLED-display, which primarily makes the gadget more informative, presentable, and enjoyable to use.

It is also worth noting that if in the previous version of the notification gadget from various applications it was not very easy to read, then in the new version of the tracker each notification from different applications has its own icon and helps the user to identify their purpose quickly.

xiaomi mi band 4 colorsIn addition, it is worth noting an outstanding level of animation and the addition of different colors on the screen elements. This, in turn, makes it much faster to understand which of the functions are activated in the settings (they are marked in green) and also to see the functions of the cancel buttons which are indicated in red, respectively.

In the updated version of the fitness tracker, management has become somewhat more comfortable as the swipes to the left and to the right are no longer used. However, at first, users will have to get used to some sequence of movements in order to get to some of the menu items. Nevertheless, the creators of the fitness tracker are confident that the user will very quickly get used to managing this device, and later, everything will be done easily and really quickly.

The Autonomy of Work and Battery Capacity of Mi Band 4

xiaomi mi band 4According to the manufacturer, the autonomous action of the new device will be very long. Thus, the novelty has received two different battery versions. The battery capacity of the version with the NFC module will be 125 mAh, and the version without the module will have 135 mAh. Accordingly, the autonomous activity of devices will be approximately 20 and 15 days. Such technical characteristics are an excellent indicator of the work done by Xiaomi because despite the fact that the device got much more functionality than its predecessor, many mistakenly thought that the AMOLED display would discharge the fitness tracker battery faster. However, as in previous versions, this device has an incredibly high autonomy battery life.



Fitness Tracking Workout Modes

Despite the fact that modern treadmills always contain such useful functions as the calculation of speed, calories burned, and pulse, these data are often not accurate. That is why Xiaomi Mi Band comes to the rescue here. Based on this, it is worthwhile to more thoroughly understand why the fitness tracking function of this gadget is incredibly convenient and accurate for everyone who plays sports.

Treadmill & GYM Exercises

The fact is that most of the treadmills often average the number of calories burned per average person. That is why the data that highlights the treadmill can often be inaccurate. If you want to know the level of calories burned individually for your body, the best solution would be fitness Tracker Mi Band 4. Due to the fact that you have the opportunity to enter all the exact data about your weight and height tracking, the program will very accurately calculate the number of calories burned at one or another physical activity. Therefore, do not forget to enter your individual data into the Mi-Fit App, and then your results will be as accurate as possible.

Outdoor/Indoor Running (Cycling or Walking) and Calories Burned

running with mi band 4

Treadmills are often equipped with several heart rate monitors. However, their disadvantage is very often apparent as for measuring you need to hold onto handrails which, if your hands do not entirely touch them, show the wrong result. However, it is thanks to this fitness tracker that you can hold your hands in a comfortable position, and the heart rate monitor built into this tracker will show your heart rate as accurately as possible. In this way, you can continuously keep your heart rate in the required range of 130 – 140 beats per minute for fat burning.

Count Steps

Unlike treadmills, the Xiaomi Fitness Tracker is equipped with such an incredibly useful feature as a steps counter. It is thanks to this that you can clearly know whether you have reached the minimum 10,000 steps per day. In addition, this indicator is the minimum reasonable steps for a healthy person to support the body in good shape.

Distance Count

According to customer statistics, many were delighted with such a significant function as measuring the distance traveled. In this case, we are talking about the fact that you can measure how many kilometers you have walked during the day or ran on the treadmill. Since these data are counted together with the measurement of steps, the distance data is very accurate.

Pool Swimming

Thanks to the tracker Xiaomi, you can also easily measure the distance that you swam in the pool. In addition, it is worth noting that the fitness tracker has a waterproof case and, accordingly, can be used by those who are actively engaged in swimming.

Health monitoring

xiaomi mi band 4 health monitoringIt is also worth noting that the new model of fitness tracker has a large number of functions that track health. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to make the necessary measurements, which will accordingly be stored in the memory of your phone and you will be able to record the dynamics over a certain period of time. These health monitoring functions include:

  • goal setting;
  • sleep monitoring;
  • heart rate monitoring;
  • all-day heart rate checking;
  • resting heart rate;
  • heart rate chart;
  • idle alerts.

Other Expected Features

Music Control Function

music control in mi band 4Finally, in the new version of the fitness tracker Xiaomi, the long-awaited function of music management has appeared. Many users quite often said that in the previous version of the tracker, there was an acute lack of the music management function. That is why the creators of the new generation of gadgets included in this version full-fledged music management, which includes the following functions:

  • Track switching;
  • Volume up or down;
  • Stop and start tracks.

Now, in order to fully enjoy the music, there is no need to get the phone out continually. From now on, all functions for managing music are concentrated in one tracker.

Mi Band 4 NFC Function

At the moment, the fitness tracker is presented in two versions, namely:

  • Mi Band 4 without NFC: Millet Bracelet XMSH07HM;
  • Mi Band 4 NFC: Millet Bracelet XMSH06HM.

However, it should be clarified that now the modification of NFC with a chip is relevant exclusively for the Chinese market. Moreover, it is solely sharpened for Xiaomi Mi-Pay, which is based on China UnionPay. In other words, users will not be able to use this feature outside of China, and Google Pay Mi band 4 won’t be an active function.

It is also worth noting that in the new version of the tracker with NFC, a special microphone is built in that performs the function of a voice assistant, but it functions exclusively in Chinese.

Interface Customization

Most of the users of the previous generation of the tracker absolutely rightly called for the fact that despite its high functionality and very low cost, the gadget lacked even a minimal interface customization function. Nevertheless, this could be explained by the fact that the screen was too small, and it was impossible to recreate the function on this device. However, in the new version of Xiaomi tracker, everything has changed completely.

different color options in mi band 4

The screen has been increased by almost 40%, and now the gadget allows you to set a considerable number of different color themes. Such a design decision became possible thanks to one of the Xiaomi divisions called Huami. This unit is engaged in the development and release of smartwatches. In addition, thanks to the updated firmware of the 4th generation of Xiaomi fitness trackers, the following functions appeared in the gadget:

  • view currency rates;
  • movie premiere schedules;
  • built-in voice assistant.

Gadget Stuffing

In the new generation of Xiaomi trackers, energy efficiency has been increased to 38%. Such an achievement was made possible by the proprietary chipset Huangshan No.1. In addition, the memory on the phone has the following indicators:

  • 0.5 MB operational;
  • 16 MB constant.

However, it is worth noting that the memory of the device was designed exclusively for the performance of all the essential functions that were incorporated into the tracker. That is why the user was unable to download additional content of their gadgets.

Wireless Technology

Xiaomi mi band 4 fitness tracker was marked by the emergence of a new version of Bluetooth 5.0. That is why the stability of the device and the distance at which the fitness tracker interacts with the phone has increased significantly.


mi band 4 sensorsThe new model Mi Band 4 is now equipped with a useful optical sensor which is designed for the analysis and diagnosis of heart rate. And although such a solution does not have accuracy similar to medical devices, however, the data provided by the fitness tracker are very accurate. It is also worth noting that thanks to the settings in the phone application, the user can set the boundary indicators of his/her pulse. Thus, it is very convenient during training to keep track of your heart rate does not reach the boundary indicators. As soon as these indicators are reached, the bracelet, in turn, will begin to vibrate and warn its owner that it is worth taking a break.


As for the design, the new version of the Mi Fitness Band 4 has undergone significant changes for the better. Such a decision is very rational in order to emphasize the advantages over the previous version of the tracker, even at the visual level.


One of the most basic changes that the new fitness tracker Xiaomi has undergone is the AMOLED display, which has the following characteristics:

  • 0.95-inch diagonal;
  • resolution 240 x 120 pixels;
  • screen sheeting with a special coated 2.5D glass;
  • increased screen size by 40% from the previous version.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the screen still has certain low scratch resistance, and that is why it is recommended to stick a protective film on it from the very beginning.

Initially, the default display brightness is set to factory settings. However, in the summertime, this level of brightness may simply not be enough to see in detail all the elements of the fitness tracker. That is why in such a period of time, it is recommended to maximize the display brightness. However, the creators of the gadget naturally provided for a similar situation. That is why the user will be able to make brightness settings directly in the Mi-Fit application that will be automatically adjusted depending on the time of day. For example, you can set the maximum value of the screen brightness in the daytime and also reduce the brightness to the average in the evening.

The Body of the New Tracker

In fact, the design of the new gadget from Xiaomi has undergone significant changes. This is all the same plastic case which is made in the form of a capsule that fits directly into the bracelet. A distinctive feature of the Mi Band 4 English is the main control button that was correctly moved to the bottom of the screen. It is also worth noting that in the previous version, this button was located directly on the screen and in some way reduced the amount of information that the user could see.

Bracelet Design and Mi Band 4 Colors

The set will be available to the user classic silicone bracelet made in black. However, if desired, you can also choose a Mi band 4 variants in the following colors:

  • orange;
  • blue;
  • burgundy;
  • pink.

xiaomi mi band 4 amoled display

Exclusive Editions by Xiaomi

In addition, especially for fans of the popular comics by the Marvel company called Avengers, the company Xiaomi released original straps with a special theme of the design which was called the Mi Band 4 Avengers Alliance.

xiaomi mi band 4 marvel edition

In addition, it is worth noting that, as in the previous version of the tracker, users will have access to a huge variety of bracelets that can be bought separately.

App & Compatibility

Today Mi-Fit is the best app for Mi Band 4 that provides interaction between a fitness tracker and a mobile device. It goes without saying that with the advent of new versions of fitness trackers, the functionality of the application itself has been constantly expanded and updated. It is in this application that all statistics on user activity are collected and an absolutely individual setting of the fitness tracker is possible.

xiaomi mi fit app

Through the use of this application, the user has the ability to track such an essential function as a phase of sleep. In turn, this will allow you to analyze how you sleep and find the relationship between sleep time, your well-being, and overall health.

Saving and analyzing personal user statistics is perhaps the main priority that was designed while creating this application. In addition, the central part of the functions that are available to the user in this application is the statistics of physical activity.

Due to the fact that the user can get an accurate calculation of the steps taken or exercise performed, and this will help to more competently maintain their health in a tone relative to the chosen activity mode. Despite the fact that in this application, the number of training modes is not yet extensive, however, according to the manufacturer, this issue will receive more attention in the future.

Water Resistance

According to Xiaomi, a new generation of fitness trackers will receive a unique water protective function. Xiaomi mi band 4 waterproof feature will allow users to use this gadget at a depth of 50 meters actively. Given the incredibly low cost of the fitness tracker itself, this feature is incredibly useful and is actively welcomed by most critics.

Xiaomi Mi Band Specification

Today, the presented fitness gadget is one of the best offers on the market of fitness trackers worldwide. Due to the fact that the company Xiaomi in each new generation of their gadgets is trying to bring something new and significantly improve the performance of the previous model, the fourth generation of fitness trackers is no exception. In all technical parameters, it significantly exceeds all of its predecessors and also stands out against the background of its competitors in a very profitable way. The new generation of fitness tracker Xiaomi has the following specifications:

Display features:0.95-inch AMOLED (colored and with sensor)
A new type of microchip:NFC Chip
Modern waterproof standard:5-atmosphere water depth resistance
Connection type:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery standards:125 – 135 mAh
Autonomy work:15 – 20 days
Body size:247 x 155 x 10.5 mm
Gadget weight:22.1 g

What is in the Box?

xiaomi mi band 4 packing

After each appearance of the new generation of trackers by Xiaomi, the appearance of the packaging for the device changes. Each time it becomes more and more attractive, which also attracts attention. Inside the box itself, the user will be able to find the intelligent device itself, charger, bracelet, as well as for instructions for using the gadget.


It is quite remarkable that all elements are separated from each other by a cardboard partition, which in turn makes transportation safer and protects the device from damage. In fact, the equipment of this gadget corresponds to the majority of the offer on the market of fitness trackers of a similar price category.

Who’s This For?

The target audience of Mi Band 4 is quite broad. Due to the excellent value for money and high functionality of this device, many users choose it as the most optimal fitness tracker. In addition, it is the purchase of this device that allows users to appreciate all the functions of the gadget fully and also to understand whether it is necessary to buy more functional smartwatches additionally or not. Most often, after the purchase of this gadget, users become total adherents of the brand.

If you had a previous version of this fitness tracker before, now you have an excellent opportunity to update your gadget and get a brighter and more functional device with all the advanced functions of a fitness tracker. Now each user will witness a top color touch screen and the presence of a considerable number of various innovations.

It is also worth noting that this modification of the fitness tracker is perfect for users with high demands. The manufacturer tried to accommodate all the most necessary functions in this model in such a way that users do not need to buy more expensive versions of smartwatches whose functions are not fully used.

Moreover, this gadget is perfect as a gift since it is absolutely universal for both the adult generation and the youth.

Is it worth buying?

It goes without saying that the fourth generation of gadgets by the Xiaomi company was one of the most anticipated devices in 2019. This gadget is perfect for all users who are trying to track their activity indicators and display statistics during training. In addition, this gadget will be a very convenient tool in everyday life. Thanks to the color touch display, this tracker has received an enormous number of useful functions and also the opportunity to fully manage music.

Now users can change the thematic design of the display daily, which in turn will help avoid fatigue from the standard black and white screen. In addition, thanks to the new generation of Bluetooth 5.0, the technical performance of the gadget has improved significantly. In summary, after all, said about Mi Band 4, it is worth noting that due to the low cost of this fitness tracker as well as incredibly high functionality, the purchase of this tracker is incredibly profitable and productive.


This section will provide you with the answers on most general questions if any occur.

Can Mi Band 4 work without a phone?

Yes, and his feature is very convenient for those who do not want, for example, to take a phone for a run. The fact is that the gadget, after synchronization with your phone, will surely transfer all data about your activity to the app for Mi Band 4.

How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

You need to put the tracker itself into a charger and connect it with a socket or via USB.

how to charge xiaomi mi band 4

Is Mi Band 4 waterproof for swimming?

Yes, this fitness tracker is a universal device and has a moisture-proof body. In other words, users will have the opportunity to dive up to 50 meters.

How to reset MI band 4?

To do this, you need to go to the Mi fit application that is installed on the phone. Then click on the icon Mi band 4 and scroll down the list. After that, find the unpair button and confirm.

How to use Mi Band 4?

In order to use this fitness tracker, you first need to install the Mi fit application on your phone. After that, it is necessary to enter your physical data in as much detail as possible so that the fitness tracker can correctly evaluate your activity.

Can Mi Band 4 read messages?

This tracker can highlight on its display all incoming messages as well as messages from social networks.

Does Mi Band 4 have GPS?

This function is not available on this fitness tracker; however, after connecting the fitness tracker to your phone, you can use GPS on your mobile device.

How to check if Mi Band 4 is original?

The first thing you need to do is to associate your fitness tracker with your mobile phone. If this operation was successful, then your fitness gadget is original.

How to remove Mi Band 4 from the strap?

In order to remove the tracker case from the bracelet, the easiest way is to press one side and then pull it out lightly.

How to update Mi Band 4?

All updates will come automatically, and most likely, your mobile phone will offer you to update the Mi fit application which will update the gadget itself after synchronization.

How to check heart rate in Mi Band 4?

You can do this using the fitness tracker menu or simply by going to the application that is installed on your phone.

Mi band 4 and Google Fit are compatible?

Yes, for sure! All you need is to install Google Fit on your mobile device and sync them.

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